Samsung Galaxy S5 To Lose The Plastic And Suited Up In Metal, With A 16MP Camera?

It feels like the Samsung Galaxy S4 was just released yesterday but rumors on its successor has already kick-started. So what are the first rumors to emerge surrounding the Galaxy S5?

It could come with a 16-megapixels camera with optical image stabilization. Not a surprise really if it indeed does come true. The Galaxy S4 already has a 13MP camera and an upgrade is expected, mandatory as I would say. While this news may not greatly excite many, the next rumor may just might, especially for those who loathe the plastic-ky S4, or any other Galaxy devices for that matter.

Yes, the S5 will reportedly come in a metal chassis, after earlier rumors on the Galaxy Note III being the first Galaxy device to have a metal body turn out to be untrue after all. So what will that mean? A more-premium looking device in exchange with the removable battery. A worthy trade-off? Depends on which camp you in – aesthetics vs. functionality (unless of course Samsung comes up with a removable metal back shell. Highly unlikely, but anything is possible).


That’s not all. It is also claimed that production line for the metal chassis will start later this year. A sample has apparently been produced in Europe and sent to Vietnam for testing purpose earlier this year with the Korean company said to adopt a careful stance in ensuring the device’s antenna reception is not greatly affected by the new build material.

All said and done, you know what to do when it comes to dealing with rumors about a device that is still long long away from being announced. We don’t even know whether there will be a Galaxy S5 or not but going by tradition, there will be and it will most probably be unveiled to the world March-April next year. Between now and then, do expect the rumor mill to continue working tirelessly.

(Source: etnews)


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